Monday, March 5, 2012

The Silence

The air was wet and heavy. The night cold and lonely. She waited again for a change but was met only with silence. The silence that had been following her for so long it felt natural. The silence that had become her constant companion. Not even the rain fell to keep her company. Not even the darkness cared of her woes.

It hadn't always been so haunting. It hadn't always been this empty.

Once Upon a Time, his words filled the void with color. The sounds he spoke strung together into symphonies that carried her through her days. Together they created duets that painted a masterpiece. Their whispers became her prayers.

Once Upon a Time, The Silence was only a shadow because Their Silence was a wonderland of possibility. Of mysteries and or maybes. Once Upon a Time, they meant something to each other.

But somewhere along the pathway, their strings began to snap and their songs turned sharp. Their duets became her solos until she gave up all together. Giving into The Silence as it came to her with open arms and a wicked grin, claws pulling her far away from a world of color.

And so she sits. Waiting for a change she knows will never come. Yearning for a song of Home, a place she's not sure even exists anymore. She sits and listens to The Silence breathe. The heavy thumping of her own heart beat her only comfort.

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Caren said...

Yep, you did it again :o)